Comprehensive Plan Update Public Survey

Beginning in January of 2017 the Community Participation Team (CPT), assisted by their Steering Committee, the Poquoson Planning Commission and City staff began developing a “Citizen Opinion Survey” to gather additional citizen comments for the Comprehensive Plan Update Process.  The Team developed a self-administered four page survey with a variety of questions on land use and community development, based on public feedback that the CPT received through their previous outreach efforts, including public comment cards and a Comprehensive Plan Public Meeting held at Poquoson High School on October 18, 2016.

The survey was approved by the Poquoson Planning Commission and mailed to citizens beginning on June 7, 2017. Each Poquoson household (over 4,700) was provided a paper copy of the survey via U.S. mail for their input. The survey included a postage-paid return envelope to facilitate the easy return of completed surveys to City Hall. A blank example survey is available here.

The CPT, Steering Committee, City staff and several citizen volunteers began tallying returned surveys beginning on June 26, 2017.  A total of 1,303 surveys were received and tallied before the CPT’s deadline to present their results to the Planning Commission on July 17, 2017. Note that any surveys not submitted on official paper, or received after July 14, 2017, were not included in this tallying effort.  Paper copies of all received surveys were kept by the Community Development Department and are available upon request.

Below are links to a summary of Poquoson Citizens’ Survey Responses, as presented to the Planning Commission, as well as a list of all write-in questions and written comments.  Also below is a spreadsheet of all recorded survey data, as well as additional comments received by the CPT and City staff as part of their initial outreach efforts.

Final Survey

Survey Responses

Survey Write-in Responses

All Survey Data

Website Responses

Comment Card Responses